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pH Water Control Systems

Environmental friendly Automated PH water control systems
Microprocessor controlled Ph control systems provide a readily available plug and play solution to the industries that use water treatment process for purifying untreated waste water. Such automated water control systems help the different industries using water treatment plants to have a close watch on the Ph level of water. In addition to measuring and monitoring the Ph level of water, these automated systems also help in monitoring other important parameters such as
·         Chlorine Concentration levels
·         Redox potential (Rx)
·         Hydrogen Peroxide levels
·         Chlorine Di-Oxide levels
·         Peracetic acid levels
Different components of the PH control Systems
Also called as the Ph Dosage unit or Ph Doser, major components of this ready to use system are microprocessor based controllers, sensors and a remote control unit for remote management of the controller. Remote control unit is basically used to remotely monitor the current status of the controllers that are used as part of the system. By using the monitor available in the remote control unit, one can see the history list of events that have occurred in the recent past. New events can be programmed using the controller and triggered using the remote control unit. Remote control unit can also trigger remote printing of different data and the associated charts that are shown up on the monitor. In addition to communicating with the controller, the remote control unit can also be used to send messages to GSM and GPRS enabled cell phones. Remote station uses a sim card to send these messages. At a time, the remote control unit can send messages to two mobile phones simultaneously. By making changes in the configuration settings in the remote unit, it can also send messages to specific Email addresses.
The controllers that are based on micro processors can be configured to measure the different water treatment parameters in addition to the PH levels. Ph control systems as a whole, is capable of providing highly accurate and reliable data. The units have the capability to provide results in different output forms.
Benefits of using a Ph control system
·         Easy to install and start using as the different components are available in plug and play format
·         Capable of measuring different water treatment parameters in addition to Ph levels
·         Remote monitoring of the control system from a desired location
·         Remote printing of data reporting and charts
·         Automatic power supply settings
·         Capability to send real time messages to mobile phones and Email accounts
For more info on pH control systems click here.
Such versatile control systems are used in a wide variety of applications that uses water treatment plants and water recycling systems. The control system is used in the Mining Industry, commercial car wash, Vehicle wash down systems and Industrial Equipments wash down systems. In all these industrial applications, Ph Doser systems are used as an integral part of the water recycling system. By doing water recycling, industries consume less quantity of water from the naturally available resources such as wells and tanks. In a way, Ph Doser systems help the industries to preserve the precious water resources for usage in other critical applications. They play a vital role in sustaining a green environment.

Kerry Blake is content writer for H2O Cleanawater – a company for water recycling and water treatment systems.

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