Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Forms of Green Energy

After realising just how dangerous it is to burn fossil fuels people across the world recruited the best engineers and scientists to get ideas for creating safe energy. Many of the energy forms we use today have been around for centuries. Many are done by using cutting edge technology. Here I will give brief overview of the main renewable sources we use today.

Wind Power
People have been using wind power for generations but it is only recently that we have been able to transform this energy into electrical power. The advantages of wind power are plentiful; it's cheap once set up, quite efficient and produces no waste products. An obvious reason is of course it is green and does not contribute to global warming. It is also renewable which means it will not run out unlike the fossil fuel energies of the past.


Solar Power
In comparison to wind power, solar energy is a little more expensive to set up, and only works in the daytime but it is more efficient than wind power and gives a greater yield of energy. It is also slightly more aesthetically pleasing than a great big turbine on your roof.

Nuclear Power:
See my post - How Do We Get Nuclear Power

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