Saturday, 18 February 2012

Non Renewable Sources

A non renewable energy source is one which is finite and will eventually run out.

The main 3 non renewable sources are coal, oil and natural gas. All these sources are extracted from the earth which requires energy which probably comes from non renewable sources. All 3 sources are transformed into energy by burning them. When burnt they release gases which are used to turn a turbine which basically rotates a magnet inside a coil of wire, inducing an electric current.


These gases may be useful by spinning a turbine however the gases are very harmful to the atmosphere. The most harmful gas released is carbon dioxide which causes the greenhouse effect and therefore climate change. Another problem is that these sources will eventually run out, and if the world is not prepared we could see mass panic and even extinction of the human race.

My advice is to invest in clean, renewable energy sources and to become self sufficient. Oil prices are going to increase exponentially as reserves decrease. Buy wind turbines and solar panels to be prepared for what is to come. An investment today can benefit you more than it first appears.

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